Lake Science

The CLA performs extensive scientific monitoring and facilitates invasive species spread prevention programs. Our overall lake management programs enhance economic development to our region, which result in increased tourism and property values, thriving businesses and a happy community.

Aquatic Reports

We contract annually with Aquatic Ecologists for plant inventory and density analysis and monitoring in addition to other lake research needs.


Harmful Algal Bloom Monitoring

We provide a Harmful Algal Bloom monitoring program along with a water quality monitoring program. Our information is shared with governmental agencies and many collaborating parties. It also assists us with our future lake maintenance planning.  


Watercraft Steward Program

Through this NYS grant funded program, the CLA has helped educate the public on spread prevention. There are stewards at seven public boat launches on Chautauqua Lake, as well as in Cassadaga, Barcelona, and the Dunkirk harbor.


In 2016, the CLA initiated the first multi-site watercraft steward program in Chautauqua County.

AECOM Pilot Study

In August of 2020, the Chautauqua Lake Association hosted the AECOM contractor component of the US Army Corps of Engineers HABITATS (Harmful Algal Bloom Interception, Treatment and Transformation System) pilot study at our shop in Lakewood, NY.

A new technology for removing and disposing of HAB bluegreen algae was being efficiency tested and evaluated for possible improvements. Scientists from AECOM and the Corps were in residence at the Chautauqua Lake Association’s Lakewood facility evaluating the shore-based component. 

CLA Executive Director Douglas Conroe comments that, “This pilot study offers realistic hope for producing an environmentally friendly, no chemical option for removing localized HABs along with removing phosphorus and nitrogen nutrients from our over-abundant nutrient-laden lake.”