Work Reports

The Chautauqua Lake Association’s harvest reports are published weekly as soon as our season opens in June. These reports outline when and how much activity the CLA records on the lake each week.



Weekly Report – Week 4 (6/14/24)

This week, as promised, we split into our 3 crews working from the shop in Lakewood, Long Point, and Mayville Park.
31 truckloads were removed this week.

The south crew headed south from Long Point: Harvesting from the Cheney Farm to Greenhurst. They also checked the hotel and marina areas of Celoron.
The mid-lake and north crew worked north along the west shore from the Sportsman’s Club to Chautauqua Institution.
The north crew continued to Mayville Park, then around Hartfield Bay, Dewittville Bay, and south to the Lutheran Camp.
The mid-lake crew crossed at Chautauqua Institution and worked south from the Lutheran Camp back to Long Point, then from Arnolds Bay to Cheney Farm. Then crossed to Ashville Bay heading north to upper Stow.

To date, CLA crews have removed approximately 3,340,000 pounds of aquatic vegetation!

Next week we will be adding some near shore crew workers and addressing problem areas.
Weekly Report – Week 3 (6/7/24)

This has been a very productive week! The weather was not in our favor, but we overcame the challenges and removed more loads this week than the past two weeks combined. Our entire fleet of harvesters worked together to remove 70 truckloads of vegetation from Chautauqua Lake.
This week, the crew completed the Hadley Bay area and then moved across the lake to Arnold’s Bay. Once that was cleared, they focused on the large patch found in Bemus Bay along Lakeside Drive. 700 tons were removed! Additionally, we had a mobi-trac working in Stow and then Arnold’s Bay.

To date, CLA crews have removed approximately 2,720,000 pounds of aquatic vegetation!

Because of the weather conditions, we did not move equipment this week as planned. We will continue harvesting and move equipment later next week. Then, break into 3 smaller harvesting crews. Have a great weekend.
Weekly Report – Week #2 (5/31/24)

Harvesting has continued on Chautauqua Lake! Despite the short holiday week and weather, we accomplished good things.

Once again, we had 2 harvesting crews clearing navigational lanes for boaters and harvesting areas with abundant growth.

We removed 20 truckloads of weeds this week!

The Lakewood crew revisited the navigational lanes from the Celoron marinas to the Harbor Hotel, then continued along the west shore to Cheney’s Point. They also worked along Old Fluvanna. They removed approximately 70 tons!
The mid-lake crew was once again in upper and lower Stow, then moved south to Hadley Bay. They removed approximately 130 tons.

To date we have removed approximately 1,320,000 pounds!

Harvesting will continue next week in Hadley Bay and Shore Acres/Arnold’s Bay area.

Have a safe weekend!

Weekly Report – Week 1 (5/24/24)

Harvesting has begun on Chautauqua Lake!

This week we had 2 harvesting crews clearing navagational lanes for boaters and harvesting areas with abundant growth. We removed 46 truckloads of weeds!

The Lakewood crew cleared navagational lanes from the Celoron marinas to the Harbor Hotel, then moved to Denslow Ave working north along the east shore of Old Fluvanna to Greenhurst. They removed approximately 190 tons!

The mid-lake crew focused on the west shores of Stow this week, working from the bridge to Tom’s Point. They removed approximately 270 tons.

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