Memberships & Contributions

The Chautauqua Lake Association (CLA), a nonprofit 501(c)3, was incorporated in 1953 and is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. Over 1,400 members donate to the CLA on a yearly basis.  In addition to private donations; local, county, and state governmental entities along with private foundations provide supplemental funds as affordable to support the CLA’s annual programs.

Your contributions ensure that Chautauqua Lake is cared for now and in the future!

As the Steward of the Lake since 1953, the CLA provides services beyond harvesting the weeds. Annually, the CLA offers lake maintenance, aquatic vegetation control, floating debris, shoreline and storm clean-up, plus scientific monitoring to meet lake management needs. In addition, the CLA has a spread prevention program with watercraft stewards at public launches and offers public awareness and education throughout the year. The CLA is the only entity performing this role for Chautauqua Lake. We collaborate regularly with other environmentally oriented organizations about lake, watershed and related social-political issues affecting the lake.

Our annual fund drive is the backbone of our not-for-profit association. Member contributions and community support determine the services we will provide to lake residents annually, including the size of our fleet in the water and crews on the shoreline.

The CLA offers the most cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to lake maintenance within our means. Other options, if financing was available, would certainly be considered. At this time diverting our funding to alternative methods and abandoning harvesting could prove detrimental to the lake. Lake maintenance will be essential no matter what alternative options are used on the lake.

Please consider donating to the Chautauqua Lake Association to make sure Chautauqua Lake is cared for now and in the future.

Mail to:
Chautauqua Lake Association
429 E. Terrace Ave
Lakewood NY, 14750-1538


Your Legacy is Our Future

For persons wishing to provide ADDITIONAL support, the CLA currently holds three existing endowment funds with Manning & Napier, plus a fund held by Chautauqua Region Community Foundation (CRCF).

  • Chautauqua Lake Management Fund – Designed to provide unrestricted support for annual lake maintenance services and off season preventative maintenance while upholding the mission of the CLA. 
  • Summer Employment Fund – Designed to support the training and employment of young adults working on summer crews. 
  • Scientific and Public Education Fund – Designed to support required annual scientific monitoring in addition to supporting public outreach programs.

Contributions to these funds can be mailed to:
Chautauqua Lake Association
429 E. Terrace Ave.
Lakewood, NY 14750-1538

  • The Eric Westrom Fund (CRCF) – Designed to support operations and the upkeep / replacement of equipment. This fund is an excellent vehicle to receive bequests, memorials or regular contributions.  We consider it to be a Fund for Chautauqua Lake.

    Contributions to this fund can be mailed to:
    Chautauqua Region Community Foundation
    The Eric Westrom Fund / CLA
    418 Spring Street
    Jamestown, NY 14701