Work Plan: Week of June 15-19, 2020

Work Plan: Week of June 15-19, 2020


Harvesters will finish Greenhurst-Fluvanna area, then they will move to the marinas below CLA.

Shore crews should almost be through Greenhurst. Once that is completed we send them to Ashville Marina working south towards Lakewood.


Harvester will continue with upper and lower Stow. This should take all week. If they finish sooner than expected they will move to Bemus just below the bridge.

Shore crew is almost to Cheney’s Farm just below Colburns. They will finish there Monday then go to Ashville Marina and work north up the west side of lake.

Once these areas have been completed we will begin a regular loop. No jumping around. We are beginning to see calls from north end of the lake, so next week we begin activities out of all 3 locations.

Thanks. Have great week!

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