WORK PLAN: WEEK OF JULY 6 – 10, 2020

WORK PLAN: WEEK OF JULY 6 – 10, 2020

This week marks the first completed route along the shores of Chautauqua Lake below Long Point.

Lakewood Crew

Lakewood harvesters are currently working south along Old Fluvanna. Crews will continue south to Denslow then cross to Celoron to harvest the marinas and begin heading north along the west side of the lake.

Shore crews are currently at White Wall (driftwood road area) and will also continue south to Old Fluvanna stopping around Denslow area then following the path of the harvesters to the marinas in Celoron and north to Ashville Bay.

Long Point Crew

Long Point harvesters are currently in the Cheneys Point area. They will continue north along the west side of the lake to Prendergast Point area. There they will cross to the Lutheran Camp and begin working south through Maple Springs.

Shore Crews are currently completing Lakeside Drive. Once completed they will go to the Shore Acres area and begin heading south along the east shore to Phillips Mills/Colburn area. Once that is complete, they will follow the path of the harvesters north from Ashville Bay to Prendergast Point.

Mayville Crew and Mobi Trac

Mayville Crews will begin working in the Hartfield and Dewittville Bay area. The Mobi Tracs will also be working in these areas as well as the Marina and Park area. This will be the first week for crews in Mayville.

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