Work Plan: May 24 – 28, 2021

Work Plan: May 24 – 28, 2021

Pre-Season Curly Leaf Week #1 Plan

Today we will have harvesters in the water beginning the 2021 summer season!

Monday will be a training day for operators.

Starting Tuesday we will have 4 harvesters working on the overgrowth of curly leaf, harvesting navigational paths. Two harvesters will be working out of the Lakewood shop and two harvesters will be working out of Long Point.

No harvesting will be done at this time in areas that were treated with herbicide.  Please see the maps attached.

The pink areas are treatment zones. We are still waiting for confirmation that those areas were in fact treated. Maps will be updated once confirmation is received.  The yellow areas are where we will concentrate our activities this week.

Full crews are due to start June 14th working out of all three locations:

  • Mayville – North Crew
  • Long Point – Mid Crew
  • Lakewood – South Crew

Each crew will consist of 2 harvesters, transport, near shore crews and a truck.

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