Work Plan: June 7 – 11

Work Plan: June 7 – 11

This week will continue our route around the lake focusing on problematic curly leaf areas. Lakewood crew will continue north along the west shore to Ashville.

The remaining new operators will be trained this week and will be working along the east shores of Fluvanna heading north to Greenhurst. After training is complete they will begin moving equipment to the Mid and North Lake crew locations for regular season which will begin on Monday, June 14. The Long Point crew will begin work on the east shore heading south from Shore acres to Arnolds Bay. 

Please keep in mind these are not full summer crews. This is a special, 3-week, pre-season curly leaf project with limited staff. Navigational paths are being harvested in non-treated areas. Full crews are scheduled to begin at all three locations on June 14. 

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