Work Plan: June 21 – 25

Work Plan: June 21 – 25

Regular Season Week #2

This week we will have full barge crews as well as all 6 harvesters working Monday – Friday in all 3 crew locations!  (Weather permitting…) School is finally out and students are now available. 

Monday, we will be moving the Mayville crew north. As they travel up lake they will begin harvesting at the Lutheran Camp, heading north along the east shore. The Mayville shore crew will be working along with them, but will first stop near Midway Park to clear a problem area. Then they will head to the Lutheran Camp and begin clearing the east shores, heading north to Mayville Park.

Lakewood harvesters will complete the west shore from Vukote to Goose Creek. Then cross to the Cheney Farm on the east shore heading south to Martha’s Vineyard, Sheldon Hall and Greenhurst. Lakewood shore crews will continue working north along the west shore behind the harvesters.

Long Point harvesters will complete the west shore heading north towards the bridge. Once complete they will continue through Stow and work to Prendergast Point. The shore crew will complete the Shore Acres area then move to Ashville and begin heading north along the west shore following where the harvester have already been.  

Have a great week!

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