Work Plan: August 31 – September 4

Work Plan: August 31 – September 4

This week is the final week of regular season in-lake activities. Crews will get as far as they can along their routes.

After Labor Day we will be working our way back to the CLA shop in Lakewood with limited crews. We do plan to service problematic areas along our way.

This week Lakewood harvesters will be completing the east side of the lake from Greenhurst to Denslow. Then crossing and working north through Lakewood. Lakewood shore crews will continue north along west side of the lake.

Long Point harvesters will continue south along the east shore. Shore crews will be following behind working south from Maple Springs.

Mayville harvesters will continue north along the west shore and back around Mayville to the west shore. Shore crews will continue working south through Dewittville then cross to the west shore.

Mobi’s will continue south through Dewittville bay and continue on to Long Point. There they will cross and begin heading north along the west shore to Mayville Park.

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