Work Plan: June 13 – 17, 2022

Work Plan: June 13 – 17, 2022

Today marks the first day of regular season for CLA crews. We will be running 6 harvesters and 2 skimmers out of two locations this week. As high schoolers become available, we will be adding barge crews. By next Monday we will have full crews in all 3 locations, Lakewood, Long Point and Mayville. Our crews will once again be following a circular route to ensure all neighborhoods are visited.

The south crew will be working along the east shore from the Cheney farm to Sheldon Hall. Then working in the Ashville Bay area. The north crew will begin in Ashville Bay heading north along the west shore to Chautauqua Inst.

Our crews will NOT be working in any areas that have been permitted to be treated with herbicides this week. In addition, we have been asked by the applicators not to harvest in these areas for the next 30 days. Please understand, there are widespread treatment areas throughout the lake. We will do our best to provide service in untreated areas. To learn more about what areas are being treated please contact your town or village. 

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