Work Plan: May 23-27, 2022

Work Plan: May 23-27, 2022

Pre-Season Curly Leaf Project – Week #1

Today, CLA crews have hit the water for a special, pre-season project funded by foundation funds managed by the Alliance. We have 2 crews working out of Lakewood and Long Point. They will be surveying areas of need and harvesting navigational paths and curly leaf for the next three weeks. In week three we will add additional operators and begin training our new recruits. Only harvesters and transports will be in the water for this special harvesting project.

Regular activities will begin the week of June 13th followed by shore crews on June 20th once school is out. 

Due to the spray project this week we will be avoiding all potential spray areas.  

The Lakewood crew will be working first in the Celoron marinas then heading north along the east shore of Fluvanna to Bell Ave. They will then work their way through Burtis Bay heading north along the west shore of Lakewood to Sherman’s Bay.

The Long Point crew will be working south along the west shore of Stow. From there they will cross to the east shore continuing south below the bridge into Shore Acres.

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