Important Notice Regarding Herbicides in Chautauqua Lake

Although the Chautauqua Lake Association is NOT involved in the program that is applying the herbicides Aquathol-K (Endothal) and Navigate (2,4-D) into Bemus Bay, this informational release is being issued since inquiries have been received at the CLA by persons having questions about the products used and lake use restrictions that are involved.

The action is being undertaken in accord with permit(s) issued by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation under supervision of its Buffalo, New York, Office. (716) 851-7000. The permit holders are the Town of Ellery (716) 386-7876 and the Village of Bemus Point (716) 386-4398 on behalf of the Chautauqua Lake Partnership. Solitude Lake Management (908) 850-0303 is performing the work and related study.

Treatment commenced TODAY, June 26, and of this writing was expected to be completed today.

LAKE AND WATER USE RESTRICTIONS APPLY. The restrictions are not listed here because there is a lack of clarity about what the restrictions are and how they should be interpreted. Signs about the treatment have been posted at various locations around the entire lake. It appears that some use restrictions may carry through the 4th of July holiday. A legal notice was published in the June 24th edition of The Post-Journal which detailed information about the project along with water use restriction information. The signs indicate that persons having questions should contact Solitude Lake Management at (888) 480-5253.

It has been reported here that persons requesting specific information about the two products that are being utilized have been referred to Solitude’s New Jersey home office phone number (908) 798-6981 for copies of the actual product labels and MSDS publication.

Persons interested in learning of the CLA’s position on the current use of herbicides in Chautauqua Lake should read the Bemus Bay Herbicide Informational Bulletin Tab that is posted here.

Douglas E. Conroe, Executive Director
Chautauqua Lake Association
June 26, 2017

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