We are posting this as normal for general information and also because we have become aware that many people who should have received it have not received it.

The notice is a general notice. The Towns that are implementing the program will be responsible for posting specific notices once the actual details are known. The state’s permit indicates areas that may be treated and the notice was written accordingly. Actual site inspections that occur on the day of treatment will determine whether or not the treatment happens at each site. Readers should therefore not interpret the provided maps to be definitive of treatment areas. The day of treatment may actually be one of several days as it is not expected that the work can be accomplished in a single day.

Ellery residents please note that the Town Clerk’s email address is incorrectly shown in the notice. The correct address is:

As this is not a CLA program, our office cannot answer specific questions. All questions should be directed to the persons listed in the notice.

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