EVENT: New York BASS Chapter Federation Bass Tournament – June 16

EVENT: New York BASS Chapter Federation Bass Tournament – June 16

A letter from the Vice President of the New York BASS Chapter Federation:

1636515352109a122On Sunday June 16th, the New York BASS Chapter Federation will hold a bass fishing tournament at Long Point State Park. While fishing tournaments are not new to the lake or the park, NYBCF brings a total package program to our events. Included in this event is a conservation project which we have be developing over the past six years.

When we operate a tournament, we have what we call a Ramp Monkeys program. At tournament registration on Saturday afternoon, we make the fishermen aware of what invasive plants are present and provide them a one page handout.

On Sunday before the boats return, our Ramp Monkeys show up. At Chautauqua, they will be from the Southern Tier Junior Bassmasters. They arrive with parental support and will rake and clean the launch area. As each boat is retrieved, they will be directed into a lane where the Ramp Monkeys will remove any and all plant debris from the boat and trailer. The boats then can continue on with their tournament activities.

Also present will be our own release boat. We have trained individuals that operate the boat and will monitor fishcare and ultimately return the fish to the environment away from shore, somewhere in the main lake. This boat serves a dual purpose in that it is a fully functional release boat but we also use it on weed pulls in the Oswego River Basin for a water chestnut project.

Our Conservation Director, Barb Elliott will be on hand directing the activities of the Ramp Monkeys and I will be working at whatever position is needed to insure that we have a safe, environmentally sound event.

We just wanted you to be aware that we will be on the lake and we would welcome you to visit the weigh-in and observe first hand our activities. Please introduce yourselves and speak to Barb or myself and we will gladly talk more about what we do.

Thank you,

Fred Blom, Vice President
New York BASS Chapter Federation

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