Dragon Race Coming to Chautauqua Lake

Dragon Race Coming to Chautauqua Lake

A committee of determined volunteers from various organizations that use and have concern for Chautauqua Lake and the Chadakoin River will be working together during the next year to create the first Dragon Boat Festival in Chautauqua County. The committee is excited to announce that the event will take place August 29, 2015 on Chautauqua Lake.

The Chautauqua Lake Dragon Boat Committee has made it their mission to raise funds for a healthier Chautauqua Lake by bringing economic impact to the community through a vibrant and unique event. In their efforts, they will find new and creative ways to invite residents and tourists to explore and rediscover the natural resources that abound our area.

The spectacle brings together community spirit, athleticism, team work and fortitude; all of which are needed to sustain the future of Chautauqua Lake. Dragon Boat racing in itself sparks a bit of curiosity in the minds of those who have an imagination and desire a competitive pursuit. A standard size dragon boat seats 20 paddlers in 10 rows with a steer person standing in the stern to guide the boat, and a drummer in the bow to motivate the team to keep the paddlers in synch. These 22 people all work in unison to propel this 42’ long “canoe” down the race course.

Dragon Boating is not merely just a paddle sport, it goes far beyond a mere sports spectacle and embraces a rich and dynamic cultural fabric that has been observed uninterrupted for more than 25 centuries. The committee invites the community to join in this one of a kind experience to work together as a team, making a positive impact on the future of Chautauqua Lake.

For initial inquiries of the event, please contact Amber Grekalski at 661-3390.

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