Letter of Notification: DEC Permit for Application of Aquatic Pesticides in Chautauqua Lake

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According to a March 14 Letter of Notification received on March 19 from the Chautauqua Lake Partnership, lakeside property owners wanting to object to the use of herbicides this May in front of their property need to so notify NYSDEC by April 4, 2018. Failure to notify will be construed by NYSDEC as consenting to the use of herbicides. The proper person to notify is specified on Page 3 of the Notification.

Page 1 of the Notification advises the reader that any treatment will be dependent upon the Town of Ellery endorsing the Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and the several involved municipalities subsequently passing resolutions to proceed. Public comments on that draft document were accepted by the Town of Ellery through March 16. The Town must now review those comments and the drafters of the document must respond to them. The timetable for this process to unfold is not known at this time.

As a result of such the document may or may not be endorsed by the Town. If not endorsed, then the herbicide treatment may not go forward as NYSDEC has said that it wants to see such a document in place before it approves future permits. Nevertheless, the final decision on whether or not to issue the requested permits will rest with NYSDEC. In any case, the NYSDEC is saying that objections must be filed by April 4 regardless of how long it takes the town to review and decide.

To view the full permit application, click the image to the right or click here.

The CLA Office would appreciate receiving copies of any members’ notices that are filed.