CLA To Begin Debris Cleanup On May 6

CLA To Begin Debris Cleanup On May 6

Mild Winter and Increased Boat Activity Lead To Early Start for Chautauqua Lake Association This Season

Lakewood, NY — The Chautauqua Lake Association’s spring log and debris clean-up on Chautauqua Lake is scheduled to begin Monday, May 6. This pre-season service is provided annually to protect boaters of all types from the dangerous floating debris that occur from early season storm flooding. Large logs and lake debris are removed from navigational lanes and developed areas around the lake. Logs are not removed from undeveloped areas in an effort to preserve and protect natural fish habitat within the Chautauqua Lake ecosystem. 

This is an earlier than typical pre-season start for the CLA, due to the mild winter conditions and increased spring boat activity on Chautauqua Lake.  

As another summer season approaches, we would like to remind you of the many important lake management services the CLA provides to Chautauqua Lake and surrounding communities.  

Our well-known harvesting and near-shore cleanup programs will be fully staffed this summer, with three full crews once again working from Lakewood, Long Point and Mayville. These crews consist of two harvesters, one transport, shore crews and a dump truck. There will also be two mobi-trac crews and four skimmers working the shores. 

Additionally, the CLA will have boat stewards at public launches to inform and educate boaters. Water samples are taken regularly to detect HABS and measure water clarity. Plant surveys are routinely performed, and educational events are attended. All these activities are done to protect your waters and allow for a safe, pleasurable lake experience.

As reported in the January 11, 2024, article in The Post-Journal, 66% of visitors to Chautauqua County utilize a lake or waterway and $282 million is spent annually by tourists. Though Chautauqua Lake is important to us for many reasons, these numbers express the immense economic importance of Chautauqua Lake to our region.

The CLA has dedicated over 70 years to serving Chautauqua Lake. Over those many years lake management requirements have expanded and lake maintenance needs have evolved. Our years of experience and versatile inventory of equipment allow the CLA to adapt ongoing work plans to best serve the needs of Chautauqua Lake at any given time.  

To support our efforts to keep Chautauqua Lake safe and clean for the enjoyment of all residents and guests, please support our annual fund drive at

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