CLA Programs


Lake Maintenance 

Widely known for our in-lake maintenance program, the Chautauqua Lake Association is responsible for seasonal harvesting of annual nuisance aquatic vegetation. We also provide safe waterways for lake users by removing debris and clearing clogged navigational lanes.  

In addition, we offer a unique shoreline service that assists lakefront owners with the burden of cleaning their shorelines. We also offer roadside pickup weed disposal services to businesses and homeowners as they clear their lakefront.

We have performed successful dredging projects on lake tributaries and are investigating other needed dredging work. In addition we are exploring the possibility of offering additional shoreline assistance programs in response to the public concern about the need to increase shoreline maintenance. 


Scientific Monitoring and Prevention 

The CLA performs extensive scientific monitoring and provides invasive species spread prevention programs. 

Our overall lake management programs enhance economic development to our region. This results in increased tourism and property values, thriving businesses and a happy community.


We contract annually with Racine-Johnson Aquatic Ecologists for plant inventory and density analysis and monitoring in addition to other lake research needs.


We provide a Harmful Algal Bloom monitoring program along with a water quality monitoring program. Our information is shared with governmental agencies and many collaborating parties. It also assists us with our future lake maintenance planning. Read More →


In 2016, we initiated the first multi-site watercraft steward program in Chautauqua County. Read More →


Education and Outreach 

Annually, we participate in several community events including Earthfest at Jamestown Community College and Conservation Day.

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