CLA Officials Participate in State/Local Water Events

This past week, the CLA participated in two different water events worth noting.

The first was the WNY Water Environment Association’s 31st Annual Greater Buffalo Environmental Conference. As a part of the CLA President’s professional duties, Doug Conroe presented on behalf of Chautauqua Institution about the Institution’s program of Storm Water Abatement Utilizing Green Technology. The presentation outlined the Institution’s Drainage Management Plan and also its Draft Sustainable Shoreline Action Plan. Features were explained including designed wetlands, rain gardens, shoreline modification and runoff processing. While at the conference, Doug also attended a session about the success story of the Onondaga Lake phosphorus reduction TMDL which gives us encouragement of having success with Chautauqua Lake’s new phosphorus reduction TMDL posted here.

The next day, a Conservationist from the Chautauqua Watershed Conservancy and Doug attended the Experts Input Session of the Planning Committee of the Lake Erie Allegany Partnership for Bio-diversity at the Tom Ridge Environmental Center in Presque Isle State Park at Erie, PA (the CLA and CWC collaborate on a regular basis). Features of Chautauqua Lake and elsewhere in Chautauqua County are of value to the partnership’s mapping project and were covered at the event. Botanists and natural history ecologists were involved from Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

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