CLA Annual Meeting Scheduled for Monday June 11

CLA Annual Meeting Scheduled for Monday June 11

You’re cordially invited to attend the annual meeting of the Chautauqua Lake Association which is to be held on Monday, June 11, at the Athenaeum Hotel in Chautauqua Institution.

There will be a public workshop series from 4-6:00 pm followed by an informal Q&A and social hour at 7:00 pm. Dinner will be served promptly at 7:00 pm. The business meeting will be conducted during dinner. Given the controversy that permeates the community regarding the utilization of herbicides, we expect that a portion o the meeting agenda will include this topic.

Reservations needed for dinner however guests are invited to stay for the meeting if they like. Seating will be provided.

Guest speakers and topics for the workshop include:

4-4:30 pm
Bill and Linda Seleen
Chautauqua Lake Wildlife Community

Birding enthusiasts William Seleen, DVM, and life science educator Linda Seleen will share their observations of aviary and other wildlife that utilize Chautauqua Lake as its home or migratory stop-over respite site. Their presentation will include photos of the wildlife community’s inhabitants along with a narrative explaining how important Chautauqua Lake is in the life of the wildlife creatures

4:45-5:15 pm
Bob Johnson, Racine-Johnson Aquatic Ecologist
Chautauqua Lake’s Dynamic Aquatic Plant Community

Robert Johnson, Ecologist and principal of Racine-Johnson Aquatic Ecologists will discuss the results of his 16 years of experience monitoring Chautauqua Lake’s plant community, its unique diversity, its benefits upon water quality and the fishery, its herbivore community and their role and its mussel community in relation to other NYS lakes that the services.

5:30-6:00 pm
Janis Bowman, Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Coordinator, JCC
Chautauqua Lake’s Rich Aquatic Life

Janis Bowman, Professor of Biology and Environmental Science Coordinator at Jamestown Community College will provide an overview of Chautauqua Lake’s vivacious aquatic communities ranging from macroinvertebrates to fish to the aviary and how they inter-relate. Information also will be reported from JCC’s Student Undergraduate Research Institute monitoring in Chautauqua Lake and at the Chautauqua Institution.

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