CHQ Lake Ice Pick Winners Announced

CHQ Lake Ice Pick Winners Announced

(Lakewood, NY) The CHQ Lake Ice Pick officially fell on March 20th, 2021 at 2:52:16 pm

We had almost 250 guesses and 19 of those predictions were for March 20th! The last ( … and only ) time the pick fell through on this day was in 2010. This year, Chautauqua Lake Ice Pick was placed on the ice on February 4 and the polls opened on February 5. Typically, the pick falls in the first week of April … we are almost 2 weeks early this year!!

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the CLA’s Winter FUNdraiser. We appreciate your support!

And … 🥁 the WINNERS are:
1st place – Lynne Kruse, $250
guess was 2 minutes from exact time

2nd place – Robert Trembath, $50
guess was 21 minutes from exact time

3rd place – Jay Kuntz, $50
guess was 28 minutes from exact time

4th place – Zac Ashley, $50
guess was 68 minutes from exact time

5th place – Rachel Smith, $50
guess was 73 minutes from exact time

6th place – Jay Kuntz (already a winner & not eligible for a second prize)
guess was 88 minutes from exact time

7th place – Jenna Caskey, $50
guess was 98 minutes from exact time

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