Bemus Bay Herbicide Informational Bulletin

Bemus Bay Herbicide Informational Bulletin
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Recent activity by property owners in Bemus Bay to pursue receiving herbicide permits for the treatment of submerged aquatic vegetation in Bemus Bay has caused the CLA to receive inquiries as to its position regarding the use of herbicides.

The use of herbicide is not new to the lake association.  The CLA implemented a large number of herbicide programs in the past.  The CLA has stayed current with herbicide technology through its participation in NYS Federation of Lakes Association conferences, its regular contacts with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation officials and its involvement with Racine-Johnson Aquatic Ecologists.

The products that are being proposed for use in Chautauqua Lake have been utilized in Chautauqua Lake in the past.  Even though changes have occurred in application methods, their behavior is known.

In considering as to whether or not it is appropriate to utilize herbicides in Chautauqua Lake at this time, CLA leadership has taken into account the many aspects of its experience and has reviewed the current environmental condition of the lake, especially Bemus Bay.  As a result, the CLA leadership is not recommending a herbicide approach to managing submerged aquatic vegetation in Chautauqua Lake at this time.  CLA officials are very willing to share their reasoning about this recommendation.  A chart exhibiting major aspects of the Board’s topical review can be viewed by clicking here.

Information about Harmful Algal Blooms can be found here.

The latest Racine-Johnson Ecology Report can be found here.

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