Algal Bloom Special Report

Algal Bloom Special Report

Bloom copyFor several years, the CLA has collected algal bloom samples for a NYS-US Center For Disease Control joint study.  Last year and this year the CLA and the Chautauqua Institution Operations Office have jointly conducted a Harmful Algal Bloom monitoring project in conjunction with the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.  This week’s sampling is evidencing a definite swing towards algal bloom conditions.

3 locations in the South Basin and 1 location in the north basin met the criteria for a bluegreen algal bloom presence.  One of those south basin locations, Oriental Park near the Chautauqua Lake Bridge, met the criteria for recommended avoidance of contact by humans or domestic pets.  For the remainder of the summer, lake users need to be alert for the presence of Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB).

Most areas of the lake remain swimmable.  The CLA recommends that lake users follow the county health department protocol for lake waters contact.  Since the monitoring project is limited in scope for financial reasons and thus not all lake areas are regularly checked, persons believing that HABs exist should report the locations of such to the CLA office which can then dispatch a person to investigate the situation.

See the HAB Information tab at the top of this page for more information.

Doug Conroe

President, Chautauqua Lake Association

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