President’s Message

Dear fellow Chautauqua Lake lovers,

We’re certainly living in a world of climate change-created uncertainty on our lake these days. Yet, one thing is for sure: Your Chautauqua Lake Association will be on the job, keeping the lake clear for your enjoyment and healthy for us all and for our children and grandchildren.

Something else has been pretty certain, too: That is your support, for which we are truly grateful. Over the past several years, financial contributions from our hundreds of supporters have sustained our operations at a remarkably consistent level.

As financial support from government and private foundations varies from year to year, we hope and continue to count on your help so we can maintain our service to the Chautauqua Lake community. Please help us again this year to keep our precious lake healthy.

John Ford, President
Chautauqua Lake Association

P.S. Remember to mark your calendars for some wonderful summer events to celebrate Chautauqua Lake and support the CLA!