A Love of Chautauqua Lake

A Love of Chautauqua Lake

On November 11, 2021, Mueller, set off on a Veteran’s Day kayaking tour of Chautauqua Lake’s south end to observe the shoreline and scout out what more needs to be done. While much of this journey was completed in the water, some was done by land.

CLA President Rudy Mueller, shown here near the shores of Fluvanna, crossed to Celoron Hotel and paddled through Burtis Bay before heading back to the shop.
It was a beautiful morning for a paddle around Chautauqua Lake’s south basin.
Paddling through Smith Boys in Ashville.

When asked why Mueller volunteers as Board President, he says, “My wife and I fell in love with Chautauqua Lake back in the 1980s when we saw it for the first time… And we still love the Lake to this day! We recognized that this community would be a beautiful place to live and a great place to raise a family. I am honored to serve as President of the CLA and I will try my best to keep Chautauqua Lake healthy and beautiful for the many people and generations of families to come in the future.”

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