2023 Chautauqua Lake Photo Contest Submissions

The Chautauqua Lake Association has invited photographers of all ages to share their best and brightest images of Chautauqua Lake.

Would you like a chance to win a little notoriety and some fun prizes? Enter your photos here!

Chautauqua Lake Pets

These pups sure love spending time on Chautauqua Lake!

Gallery Updated: 5/8/23

Chautauqua Lake Plants and Wildlife

The gallery below highlights the native plants and wildlife that are such an important part of the Chautauqua Lake ecosystem.

Chautauqua Lake Landmarks & Landscape

Scenic landscapes, beautiful sunsets and Chautauqua Lake’s many treasured historical sites

Life on Chautauqua Lake

Family picnics, water sports or a quiet lakeside retreat … What does summer on Chautauqua Lake mean to you? Send us photos that highlight your favorite Chautauqua Lake activities.

Youth Photographers (Ages 14 and Under)

Experience Chautauqua Lake through a unique perspective… Send us your child/grandchild’s photography that highlights what they admire most about their time on the lake.