2013 CLA Fund Drive

2013 CLA Fund Drive


Chautauqua Lake maintenance will always be a necessity. The great news is that we have a Chautauqua Lake Association in place that can meet Chautauqua Lake’s plant control needs. With your support and the support of others, CLA crews can be launched and significant results can be achieved in 2013.

No other entity exists locally to do what the CLA does.

Our fleet is matched by no other thanks to local foundations that have provided the procurement funding. We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization operating with a volunteer board, volunteer labor components and a low cost overhead. We have learned from our research that outsourcing our lake maintenance services would cost about 5 times our current operating budget. That is approximately a $2 Million Annual Savings to the community!

We have the necessary equipment in place, your involvement will make the difference.

We don’t proclaim that supporting us will rid the lake of nuisance plant and algae problems completely. We do proclaim that we can manage the nuisance plant control problems in the residential areas and navigational lines if we have adequate funding. If we meet last year’s fund drive total in 2013, we will still be $150,000 away from being able to fully utilize our equipment and therefore we especially need your contribution

Enclosed please find your personalized contribution pledge card. Returning the enclosed card today or donating on our website will enable us to ready the fleet for this coming summer’s launching. We do not have guaranteed funding sources and thus cannot take on our own debt. We work very hard to search for alternative funding options, but we need extra help. Therefore, we approach everyone and every entity around the lake that we can to assemble the necessary financial resources we need each and every year.

Check out our website. Become our friend on Facebook. Sign up for our newsletter and stay up-to-date on public hearings and other lake activities. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will produce results!

To download our annual appeal letter, Click Here.

To download our fund drive postcard, Click Here.

Douglas E. Conroe
President, Chautauqua Lake Association

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